About Us

Fitzgerald Equity Partners is a U.S. based company that makes investments in performing and non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios. The formation of Fitzgerald Equity Partners was inspired by its affiliate, Fitzgerald Debt Acquisitions, a boutique, distressed debt brokerage.

Over the past few years, Fitzgerald Debt Acquisitions has brokered billions of dollars in distressed loans and has provided a valuable service to financial institutions in need of immediate cash flow.
Currently Fitzgerald Equity’s primary focus is acquiring NPL portfolios on an international level in all asset classes ranging from unsecured consumer receivables to residential and commercial real estate notes.  As lenders desire to remove NPLs from their balance sheets, Fitzgerald Equity is well-positioned to provide immediate liquidity to lenders for their distressed loan portfolios. Since its inception, Fitzgerald Equity has purchased millions of dollars in face value of non-performing loans domestically, and is currently expanding its investments into Eastern Europe. Fitzgerald Equity has also been researching investment opportunities in the NPL space in Africa and Asia as well. 

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Fitzgerald Equity Partners, LLC

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